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Inspired by songs from the Bill Madden album New Religion,
Berlin based, Polish multidisciplinary artist Kasia Haldas
creates seven (7) interpretive artistic illustrations.

New York, NY, February 24, 2014: Two continents and six hours apart yet fully engaged with each other, a night owl and an early bird find mutually convenient times to discuss the illustrations of the moment.

Singer-songwriter and musician Bill Madden is a storyteller equally inspired by politics and the human journey as he is music and art. A politically engaged poet and world citizen, Madden's work reflects an individual in search of truth and justice.

Wim Boluijt of Real Roots Café describes Madden’s work this way, “His music turns my heart into a fist... Sometimes tears fill my eyes when I hear his songs... Musicians like Bill Madden and albums such as New Religion are very scarce.” Patrick O'Heffernan of Revolution 360 describes Madden’s songs as “explicit descriptions or beautiful metaphors of the hypocrisy and torment in the world, told through stories of people with no voice, or people with strong voices who struggle for change.”

Berlin based, Polish multidisciplinary artist Kasia Haldas explores the edges of Madden’s songs.  “The first time I listened to Bill’s album, New Religion, was not long after I moved to Berlin. With my headphones on, I took a walk through the city. Each song spoke to me. I felt inspired to put the images in my mind to canvas.”

Their first collaboration came in August 2014. Madden mentioned to Haldas that he would be participating in the People’s Climate March, billed as “the largest climate change march in history”. A resident of the Lower East Side / Chinatown neighborhood of New York City, Madden was one of the millions impacted by Hurricane Sandy. The song Deluge is a recollection of the lingering pain and damage caused by that event—along with the devastation that Madden witnessed to his neighborhood including food shortages, the loss of power and water, and flooding.

In a spirit of collaboration and shared passion for action against climate change, Haldas developed a visual representation of Sandy’s moment in history.  This collaboration led to the lyric video Deluge, available here:

Thereafter, a creative partnership blossomed resulting in seven (7) illustrations by Haldas—a different illustration per song.

“Kasia is incredibly talented. She studied architecture, but is gifted in a multitude of art mediums. She is constantly testing boundaries and always pushing herself to grow. Her ability to see my world through her eyes, the level of detail and commitment she gives to her art, and her relentless dedication to ‘getting it right’ inspires me.” Haldas’s New Religion artwork is available at


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